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Humidification and Cooling Systems

HART provides unique and high-quality humidification products and systems to agricultural/farming, food, and other environmental industries. We address state-of-the-art improvements for hard to solve applications.

Our products include Ultimix™ and AirSaver™ atomizing spray nozzles, SoniQuench® evaporative gas cooling and conditioning of hot process gases, fogging systems for fruiting and grow rooms, and fugitive dust control. HART also designs the HEI (High Energy Ionizer) wet electrostatic precipitator for fine particulate emissions control.

Replacement and retrofit capabilities have provided clients with more reliable components, improved performance, and savings in operating costs.

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In connection with our humidification and cooling systems, we have developed more improved spray nozzle designs. These spray nozzles improvements are to the existing inventions and designed to provide finer fogging quality, greater flow range, energy savings, and more robust construction for wear resistance.

The ULTIMIX™ and AIRSAVER™ designs provide flexibility in operating conditions by adjusting the air and liquid pressures and flow rates to maximize your application. These adjustments allow you to create a desired spray pattern to meet your requirements. HART spray nozzles are very user friendly and essentially self-cleaning due to the atomizing air pressure. Our nozzles produce sub-micron size droplets which evaporate before wetting walls and/or product.

For evaporative hot gas cooling applications, the nozzle assemblies can be equipped with a shielded cover to reduce possible abrasion from industrial dirty gas flows.

Another item we offer is our non-drip water valve for humidification applications such as farming/agricultural growing rooms where wetting is not desired on floors or product.

Hart Environmental, Inc. and Wayne Hartshorn have contributed to the writing of several chapters in the Air Pollution Control Equipment Selection Guide by Kenneth C. Schifftner. If you have any interest in owning this book, please visit Amazon to purchase.

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About Us

HART (Hart Environmental,Inc.) has over 100 years of combined experience in providing environmentally friendly humidification and cooling systems. Our areas of expertise have been in humidifying and cooling of agricultural grow rooms, air and gas handling and cooling facilities, and air pollution control which utilizes our unique wet electrostatic precipitator design.

Wayne Hartshorn founded Hart Environmental, Inc. in 1995. Hart was introduced to industry with his previous environmental and air pollution control knowledge dating back to the early 1960's. In 1996, Brian Hartshorn joined HART as vice president and operations manager. Brian brings with him several years of experience in spray nozzle technology, spare parts sales, and environmental know-how.

Today, nearly 30 years later, we continue to be on the cutting edge of technology and creating designs to assist and solve application requirements througout many industries. The heart and soul of our system designs are the unique Ultimix™ and AirSaver™ atomizing spray nozzles. HART nozzles have become the solution to many humidification and cooling applications. We also have access to representatives worldwide to provide support.  

Mission Statement

Hart Environmental is commited to providing expert service and products to its clients worldwide because we understand the importance of operating efficiency, on-time performance, and production costs. When you work with HART, you form a team or partnership that is concerned about your business and success.


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