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High-Quality Environmental Products and Services

HEI provides unique and high-quality environmental products and services to the environmental industries, along with state-of-the-art improvements for hard to solve applications. These products include Ultimix™ and AirSaver™ atomizing nozzles, SONIQUENCH® evaporative gas cooling and conditioning of hot process gases, dust suppression and dust control devices and systems, and HEI™ (High Energy Ionizer) wet electrostatic precipitators for fine particulate control. In addition to product capabilities, we provide spare parts and aftermarket components and services for many products and systems, including other brands.

HEI replacement and retrofit capabilities have provided customers with more reliable components, improved performance, and savings in materials and energy costs. We can go into an existing system that is not performing as well and provide an evaluation for optimum efficiency and energy savings.

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In connection with our environmental products and services, we have also developed newer nozzle designs. These nozzles are an improvement to an existing invention that will help with increasing the life of the nozzles, which will make the nozzle more resistant to aggressive conditions such as fugitive dust control. The durable design of our nozzles is developed to increase their life usage.

The Ultimix and AirSaver designs are essentially self-cleaning in the sense that the nozzles have larger orifices and compressible fluids, such as air or steam, push particulates out that could cause clogging in the nozzles.

We offer the unique high flow nozzle cover to shield the nozzle from abrasive gases for prolonged life and improved protection in hot evaporative gas cooling. Another item we offer is a no-drip water valve, to improve conditions in humidification that eliminates liquid from dripping onto growing room floors or product.

Wayne, the owner and President of HEI, wrote a few chapters in Air Pollution Control Equipment Selection Guide. In Chapter 20, Kenneth C. Schifftner gives Wayne credit for Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WESP), and in Chapter 6, he gives Wayne credit for Evaporative Coolers. To read these chapters about air pollution control products, please visit Amazon to purchase the book.

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About Us

HEI has over 75 years of combined experience in providing environmental products and services, specifically in the areas of gas handling and air pollution control technologies. Wayne Hartshorn founded Hart Environmental in 1995. He started his own company after having been the CEO of a previous company with an air pollution control background. With our experience, we have made improvements that were much needed in this industry, including innovations to electrostatic precipitators and sprays nozzles. In 1996, Brian Hartshorn joined the company as the vice president and project manager.

Today, 25 years later, we are on the cutting edge of technology and creating new designs to assist companies with their process more efficiently. We are constantly experiencing other avenues for our products, specifically our spray nozzles. We continue to further the development and design of our outstanding nozzles for specific applications. We have specially designed a more robust nozzle for being subjected to aggressive conditions in gas and chemical projects that need to operate for longer periods of time. We also have licensing agreements and distributors for our spray nozzles worldwide.

Mission Statement

HEI is committed to expert service to its customers because we understand the importance of on-time performance, promise dates, and production costs. When you work with us, you form a team or partnership that is concerned about your business. Once you have reviewed your field of interest, please let us assist you in your requirements.


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