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Spray Nozzles

AirSaver Nozzle ASLW-4

AirSaver™ Spray Nozzles

In addition to various hydraulic or single fluid nozzles, HEI utilizes its two types of air atomizing nozzles for precise and effective control of applications requiring fine atomization for cooling, conditioning, humidifying, etc.

HEI features its internal mixing design or AirSaver™ nozzles, and its external mixing design or Ultimix™ nozzles. For specific flow rates, HEI can provide the nozzle required to meet the challenge, with a wide range of models varying from 0.15 GPH to 25 GPM.

AirSaver™ nozzles operate at 50-60% less energy compared to most other types of dual fluid nozzles, and Ultimix™ Nozzles are unique in that they have a 20:1 or better turndown capability and droplet sizes are reduced on modulation turndown.

Ultimix Nozzle

Ultimix Spray Nozzles

HEI manufactures the unique Ultimix dual fluid atomizing nozzle technology. This air-atomizing nozzle is superior to others when droplet size is a factor in the selection of a spray nozzle. Maximum drop sizes range from 1 to 20 microns for the various models of low flow spray nozzles, and flow rates vary from 0.15 to 25 GPH. Flexibility is paramount as a wet or dry spray is achieved, and spray angles can be altered by merely regulating air and water pressure. Standard materials of construction are stainless steel.

The heart of any system, regardless of application, is based on the capabilities of the Ultimix nozzle. It is a self-cleaning air or gas driven acoustic oscillator for atomizing any liquid by passing it through a field of high-frequency sound waves. Compressed air is accelerated through a converging section and then allowed to expand through a diverging section into a resonator cavity where it is then reflected to complement and amplify the primary shock wave. Any liquid capable of being delivered to the shock wave is shattered into very fine droplets.

Finest Atomization

HEI specializes in providing Ultimix air atomizing nozzles for its own engineered system designs, but these are sold separately. Ultimix nozzles are also available in intermediate and high flow versions up to 1,500 GPH and are available in various configurations. Some applications include dust suppression, humidification, spray coatings, evaporative cooling, odor control, etc. Please contact us with your requirements so you can experience the benefits of Ultimix Nozzles.

Hart Nozzle Model AirSaver Nozzle Resonator Nozzle Cover