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Case History

Mushroom Research Center (MRC) | Pennsylvania State University | University Park, PA 16802 | May 2002

Ultimix fogging nozzle technology was introduced for humidification at the MRC by HEI. We installed an Ultimix nozzle in one of the rooms used to produce shiitake at the MRC in cooperation with Pennsylvania State University employees. The Ultimix nozzle quickly created a dense fog that covered a large area. One nozzle is capable of humidifying a volume of 2700 cubic feet, up to 100% RH within general ambient temperature ranges. The advantage of Ultimix nozzles is that they produce ultra-fine droplets in the range of 1-2 microns in size. The liquid droplets remain in suspension until they evaporate into the air, and do not fall to the floor or wet the mushrooms. There is considerable flexibility with Ultimix™ because it allows the capability of creating a spray (wet or dry) as required for growing conditions simply by regulating the water and air supply pressures.

HEI also utilizes a non-drip water valve that shuts off the water flow immediately without any excess dripping of liquid that remains in the line when the air is turned off. Typically, the humidistat will achieve its desired level of humidity, which shuts off the air and stops the nozzle from fogging. This ensures that the humidity level will not increase, which can be detrimental to growing requirements. Then, once the humidity level begins to drop, switching back on is instantaneous because the water is at the valve port ready
to spray again.

Ultimix Nozzle in Operation

Fig. 1. Ultimix nozzle and non-drip valve in operation (commercial farm).

To date, Ultimix fogging nozzle technology is considered a success in providing excellent atomization for humidity control and months of clog-free operation, leaving the nozzles virtually maintenance free.

In this time, it has been reported that the Ultimix nozzle is still clog-free and performing exceptionally better than previously used nozzles. The photographs demonstrate two methods for humidification as follows: Fig. 1 shows the nozzle centrally located in a commercial-sized room and in Fig. 2, the nozzle is duct-mounted (MRC).

Fig. 2. Humidification of a shiitake production room at the MRC using one Ultimix nozzle.

HEI Ultimix fogging nozzle technology has a proven track record in humidification of mushroom production rooms with over 3000 Ultimix nozzles operating in Europe. HEI gratefully acknowledges the support of everyone involved at Pennsylvania State University.

For more information, please contact Brian Hartshorn of HEI at (678) 456-8521.

Room Filled With Fog

HEI SONIQUENCH Gas Cooling System

BH2 Spray Lances Hart Nozzle Model BH2

The above photos of special Hart single fluid atomizing nozzles and unique water-cooled spray lance assemblies are being operated on a southeastern tail gas incinerator plant. This gas cooling system handles from 220,000 to 930,000 ACFM of hot gas ranging from 1,500 to 2,150 degrees F. The gases from the incinerator are cooled before entering a stack at 1,000 degrees F. The HEI spray cooling system accomplishes this by providing 57-433 GPM through 12 spray lances containing 170 Hart Model BH2 nozzles.


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