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Dust Suppression Systems and Humidification Technology

HEI provides the technical support and selection of control requirements and fugitive dust suppression system using the Ultimix™ fine droplet fogging technology. HEI will provide system design, providing spray nozzles and spray bars to complete system supply. The Ultimix™ fogging technology provides dust control in-situ, knocking fugitive dust down in place. Our fogging nozzles enhance the agglomeration of the dust for suppression.

HEI also provides UltraFine Fog dust suppression technology, which acts as a fabric filter to prevent dust particles from passing through. This phenomenon, called agglomeration, is designed to solve any fugitive dust emission problems. Learn more about the UltraFine Fog dust suppression here

Promoting Safety and Productivity

Improve the safety of your employees and your work site with our dust suppression systems. By harnessing the latest technology, we have designed solutions that can reduce the prevalence and concentration of air particulates in your work area. These methods supplement your work safety protocols while minimizing downtime and interference.

A cleaner job site allows your employees to focus on their tasks while minimizing exposure to hazardous situations. By updating your dust suppression system with our equipment, you are taking smart steps towards promoting a safe work environment.

Environmental Control Equipment You Can Trust

When your environment requires a specific controls, we’re here to optimize your operations. We offer a variety of humidification nozzles that are ideal for grow rooms and similar facilities. These nozzles are self-cleaning and provide ideal dispersal for commercial functions. We design our nozzles to withstand the rigors of everyday operations. As a result, you can fit your facility with equipment that will serve you dependably.

Update your work environment with our equipment solutions. Thanks to our skill, experience, and client-focused approach to service, you have everything you need to make smart and sensible upgrades. Allow us to help you to design a humidification or dust suppression system that meets your needs. Contact us to request a consultation. We serve clients throughout North and South America.

Dust Suppression

Without dust suppression:

Without Dust Suppression System Spray

With dust suppression nozzles:

With Dust Suppression Spray

Ultimix Nozzles

Ultimix Humidification Nozzles

Ultimix Humidification Nozzles

Ultimix Humidification Fogging Nozzles

Ultimix Humidification Fogging Nozzles

Cannabis Grow Room Humidity and Temperature Control


Hart Nozzle Connection - Humidity Control System Schematic

Humidification For Mushroom Growers

Humidification for Mushroom Growers

Hart Nozzle Connection - Humidity Control System Schematic

Nozzle Connection Hart Environmental Inc 6 Chamber System

Ultimix st47 Fogging NozzleOyster Mushroom Growing

Shiitake Room

Mushroom Growing RoomShiitake Mushroom Growing with Ultimix Humidification