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Dependable Evaporative Spray Coolers

When it comes to keeping your cool in dry and arid environments, you don’t have to make compromises between price and performance. With evaporative spray coolers, you can have the best of both worlds. Hart Environmental, Inc. is a leading provider of climate control solutions. With our wide-ranging catalog and customer forward approach to service, you have everything you need to keep your facility running smoothly.

Evaporative cooling utilizes a specialized evaporating element that pulls air through a media that removes heat. The result is fresh air that can effectively cool large areas, such as warehouses and similarly open environments. Evaporative spray coolers are a popular choice because they do not utilize a traditional pump system to change temperatures. As a result, evaporative units are a cost-effective solution that could save on energy costs in the long run.

A Respectable Selection of Evaporative Coolers

The evaporative spray cooler uses a similar principle that allows the used water vapor to cool specific areas while minimizing condensation. As a result, the system reduces the risk of corrosion or sticking problems during operation.

Count on us to be your cooling solutions provider. As a leading resource for evaporative cooling systems, you can count on us for high-quality products that get results as well as superior customer service. Contact our company to learn more about our evaporative cooling options. We serve clients around the world.